Friday, June 25, 2010

A Happy Friday

 can't blog without picture :P

Okay , let's start my story about this week :) This week since Monday was a busy week ~I have done my add maths project in one week ~Gosh ! Someone may think that is impossible ~But i can tell you , that is possible and it's work !Last minute , my style , my mom always scold me about this .Actually teacher give us this project before holiday get started , but i knew that i 'm a lazy girl ~So i search online about the project , and the answer of the project ~copy from internet is more easier way ~haha~ joking la ~ But i  admit i copy from net , but some of them i done by myself ~This week , every night do my project till 12 o'clock ~O.O~my eyes bag , its weight seem have more than 3 kg =.= heavy eyes bag O.O

Finally , I've done my add maths project last minute :) feel so good :) Holiday is over , school reopen already five days , time just like wind , so fast , don't wait for other ~Cannot reverse , not like a car on a road , you want parking , but your direction is wrong , you can simply reverse it , very easy ~But , Life this word , tells us , you must catch any chance in good timing .Once you miss it , all chances have gone ~No wait for other ~Timing , it 's also like a word , LOVE . LOL ~so stupid to talk on this ~LOL

This Sunday is Report Card's Day ~opps , how arr ~my result ....Would i be the top 15 students in my class ? Scare ....fear ....Good luck to all my friends here :) Ermmm ~There 're many lucky people can meet the guy she love and the guy love her as well ~they must treasure that the god give them this chance they could meet :) trust them , love them , although i have no lover now :) i hope all people could get their true love :)

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