Sunday, June 6, 2010

HOHOliday ''10''

MY Twitttter =D go follow me , and we ''blow water'' there , better than blow on MY FB ~ feels good , wahhahhaha , holiday now .Bad Peter , yesterday asked us want watch movie or not , i on already then today he said he oversleep =.= , If i knew that , i will call him wake up early , then watch movie together ,i do not want to miss anytime we go , even watch movie , long gai , shopping , having dinner , chat on skype , play Big2 and others .Do not want to miss !!HoHoliday , i 'm so free during this first week .What to do ?Everyday blogging ?Go out ?Shopping ? Don't know yarrr ! waiting & hope could go out with my buddies . Thinking* some thing ~To someone , i miss you badly ~How are you currently ? I do not dare to ask you these type of question on msn . but i knew that you do not answer me as well ~

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