Monday, June 7, 2010

Nightmare@Brem Mall

Nightmare , Name of this movie , a scary movie .This movie only allow 18 years old & above 18 and yet i watched .The day before yesterday we've decided to watch a movie , what movie also okay , i prefer watch The Shrek ,Last Chapter .But Peter said he watched with his friend .Never-mind , so we 're thinking what movie gonna watch .Finally we watch this .Nightmare .A scary that makes me can't fall asleep and can't sleep well on the night .We watched this @Brem Mall .So scary lar this movie .Serious* I'm just 17 years old .But that was the first time i watch scary movie with cousin .The feel is so cute , six of us (Shaun ,Peter, ShinLee ,Me , SuJean ,ChunWhye) is close to each other .

Gamble , a bad action and a bad habit but me , Peter , Jean ,Shaun were gambling on , played Big2 together .So weird lar the feeling* likes we'r so close , but actually we'r so far ~So happy on Sunday 06.06.2010 A memorable day : D

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