Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weee ---09-06

Weee ~Look at this , it is nice ?LOL , i know it's so nice xD .09-06-2010 , i was attended a birthday celebration , at Metro Prima steamboat shop QQ , there 're almost 36 people were attending .Many people , i do not want to count here , cause too many people jor .At that moment , At that minute , i knew that , we 'r friends .Before this (celebration) , i wouldn't believe friends this word anymore , this word just a liar will use it .I hate this word ! Friends , the definition of friend do you know that ? Someone hurt me badly before , so i wouldn't believe this word . Friend , for me , it's just a simple word and everyone close to you ,they might have a thing or want to get something benefit from you .Hurt* Every time i talk on this issue i will cry ...It's sad , a sad story i had ! And this time is a different story for me , seem they really care for me , caring me and so on .My form 2 and form 5 is the most memorable secondary school time =)

Boon Khoon , sozai =.=||  He is a sozai and every time want quarrel with me .DAMN ! Ming Khoon , is a boy with gentlemen . Blog Blog Blog ~Back to Yesterday , i ate a lot of satay , don't know which is beef and which is mutton , i really enjoy in this celebration .Before the celebration get started , i scare something bad will happen .That is i might neglect by someone , i scare of lonely =.=|| ok , my post stop here , can't describe the feeling in word  : D   all picture have post to facebook The album of 09-06 check out ba :)

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