Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2nd Of August

Weather of day : Heavy thunder

Every post is talk about yesterday, yesterday wasn't a good day too, went to Tar College for blood donation get declined by them since i'm still under 18 years old, need parents signature.. i took the letter back home to ask parent sign for me, but just now dad said don't go ..mood totally unhappy ...

 Went to a Chili pan mee restaurant, it's located at Kepong Metro Prima, it's freaking spicy, me and my sister can't stand it anymore.. i like to eat chili pan mee a lot. but i remember doctor told me that i cannot eat too much this kind of spicy food .. so .. how ?
 Coloured my day, pink & red, my favourite colour, dad allow me to colour like that during holiday ... Instagram, best application for Iphone, really, i like to use it to edit my picture after i snap... how nice the picture looks like... small nail with red & pink colour ! i like it !
Emo myself,unhappy, going to work on 4th August, no more drama for me in ten days, happy girl please be happy, emo is not your style you know !as usual, when i am unhappy, i used to tell myself, i'm fine, i'm okay ! currently listening mandarin song by A Mei, tomorrow i ffk my friends, brian and vivian, very sorry, not in the mood to go out.. cancel .. blood donation cancel .. i wish someone could cheer me up

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