Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ups & Downs ? #Lifegoeson

Life teaches us, it goes on and on, no matter what happen and how we don't wish to let go, maybe this second i'm happy, and the following second, i'm sad ... who knows ? emotional asshole ...if a guy comes to me in future, i wish he will never promise me anything ... cause i can't stand if he can't make it .. It's hurt, I can't stand people who promise me and they didn't do it, like ... just kill me la ! stress ar ! these days .. pimples ? like a symptom wth .. listening The One That Got Away, luckily, i still have Cch & Brian beside me, 24/7, day & night ...

Saying hello & goodbye is not a easy job when this situation comes to the one you used to think about, but now ... you have to stop thinking of him either miss him .. As i mentioned in twitter, #moneycantbuy heart, that's why people steal without asking. of course la, steal means, not to ask for permission .. i hate it, tomorrow needs to wake up early and go to the f bahasa melayu class, wth, f u man, why torture me ? u know i don't like it right ? aherm aherm .. i just hope that i could find someone who knows me well, but he doesn't exist ! opps ! maybe he does exist, but .. in my mind ... maybe ..

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