Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talking to Shinnleng

How much i wish i could escape from all these ? i mean, assignment, presentation, quiz, final, just enjoy my life, but maybe i should think in another way, think that all of the above are an enjoyment to me ? Are they ? *doubting*  Looking forward my Penang trip, i wish my mom would not follow me, i want to enjoy myself, maybe go with my cousin, the best ! Play as wild as i want, sleep as late as the sun rises... around 7am in the morning, i tried before ! It was so great !! Then sleep 2 hours, after that go out again ! The awesome life i had !!!

November is going to say bye ? Oh yes, now already is 24th of Nov, aiya, how many times i had mentioned time flies ? In November i have done something super happy, as I'm an optimist, maybe everything for me is just a simple happiness. *deep breathe* also have some unhappiness happened. Life is like that, we couldn't control what we wanted, sometimes it just out of our control. Isn't it ? If it can be controlled by us, that's not fun right ? HAHAHAHA *trolllllll face*

Tomorrow, 25th Of Nov la !! I have a date with Brian, hahahaha does it counted as a date ? We are going back out high school to get our cert of SPM, dam it, i heard from my friend it has out for quite a long time, but ! The teacher told us it hasn't reach our school, slow motion ? Metaphor ? I have taken my marketing quiz result, hem ... not that bad and not that good, both quiz, quiz 1 & quiz 2 i got 7 out of 10 .. But the saddest part is, my mid term failed like shit ! Luckily, my quiz still can maintain until final comes, sum up with my presentation i guess, i'm safe. HAHAHAHA

Relax, let's talk about my plan ! Holiday plan ? Oh yes, i like talking to myself, although it sounds so weird, but while i'm thinking what i'm going to type out, it just simply makes me laugh, a small smile hanging on my face .. Such a simple happiness. I'm good, all i can say ... I'm addicted to Vampire Diaries, * =.= * This drama is quite interesting but the worst thing about this drama is ... too many kiss scene and sex ? * hermmmm* I don't really like it, so ''A'' !!! i want something pure * xD * Writing this post, staring at Facebook & Twitter, the feeling kinda weird, cause i keep smiling ? What's the matter ? LOL

Weirdo ? Yes I'm ! I'm trying not to look back my past. Past tense, who cares ? But my mind does, although i'm trying to tell myself, it had already happened, already past, but .. somehow, you look at the thing related to the past, tons of feeling come into your heart. I have to be stronger ! *promise to myself* I'm a happy girl, my life time achievement  ... Am i too greedy ? hemmm, you can't doubt, sometimes a hug really means a lot to someone while they're suffering ! Bulubulu ... like a fish breathing in water ? Ohhhh ... Yesterday i was in a mess... It ruined my day, seriously ! i mean it ! I wanted to ask him why he ruined my day for those rubbish question ... i wanted to study & do some revision as final is around the corner !

Talking crap to myself is much more better than talk to any of my friends, at least, no one would bother what i wrote, cause too much words ! People, just leave me alone to type all these rubbish, i will be fine, who am i ? Shinnleng, i will never been into the super depress situation ! I'm a silly girl, who asks question to herself and answer herself, how stupid she is ... HAHAHAHAHA Today i feel like it's a happy day, hemmm ... I'm so happy, maybe he ruined my day, maybe all thing already clean & clear. Give me a moment, I'm thankful to everything i have and i had, i know that god loves me as much as i do.

I'm the lucky girl. 
I have my friends.
I have my family.
I have a world for myself.

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