Monday, June 3, 2013

Done with working ; time to read

Hello people, so ya i normally i update my blog in midnight ! Here i am ! teehee, i done with working as samsung part time promoter in TBC electric shop in the past 10 days. Working there was happy, fun and i learn some new things. The after working looks of mine ! here it goes my happy faces ;p

another 4 pic in a pic ;p 
Eyes ; Teeth : Curious : Kiss ? 

current read - the trouble of flirting 

I'm exhausted, but i want to read my story book ! hehehehe the name of the book is "The trouble of flirting" sounds interesting right ? hehe, i'm in half way d people, after i done let me tell u guys what is the story line, and does it worth your time to read :D Night people !

Before i really end this post let me share you a new song by Olly Murs !!! The song's name is Army of Two. I found it very nice and sweet to listen ;p

Listen this Army of Two by Olly Murs ;p 
so nais to listen ! 

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