Sunday, May 12, 2013

#BlackMalaysia Day ? Black outfit for 3 days !

 Day 1 in black with adidas logo & name tee. 
 Day 2 in black with my Black handband on my blonde hair ;p 
  Different effect in meitu (soft light effect) 

 this is the typical lomo style. 

 B & W style.
 Soft light take 2 ! Feel my smile ? Can you ?

So many stories happened in my country (Malaysia), my surrounding and same goes to my interpersonal problems. The most important thing i've concerned was the general election held on last sunday. I can't claim that it was a dirty election or what, because i'm afraid that if i get caught by any police under any act ... Many examples showed me that i can't do and write whatever i want. I honestly think that in our Constitution of Malaysia, the article about Freedom of Speech not really exist. After the general election, there was so many evidences point that some dirty tricks played by some party. For me, i just hope that the election was clear and fair to all the party. I believe that people will choose or appoint you because what you did to them, not because of the the game you play. Super honest speaking. So, after the election result out, i wore black for 3 days to my college. I was having final exam on the day after election, it was super tough for me to keep checking on the election result and concentrating for my final papers.

Above all are my concerns for my country, here comes to my college updates. After roughly 4 months time, my degree year one semester two already ended. Time flies. During my second semester, i never knew that time is actually competing with me. Who's the fastest ? Me or Time ? In the 4 months time, i studied almost every night for my management paper because i skipped many lecture classes. I admit that i'm not a good student because i skipped many classes. The main reason why i skip is because the lecture was too bored. Just imagine people, go in to the lecture class and sleep ? Why don't you just sleep in your comfortable bed ? hahahahaha This theory was taught by my Law lecturer. To add on, during the 4 months, i think i managed pretty "well" in every subject. I hope that those 4 subjects can meet my expectation ... urghhhh ... my expectation quite high though ! Semester 2 ended, semester 3 starting so soon. Then i gonna be a second year in degree student ! Have you realised what had changed during the times ? Management, Business Statistic, Itc and Business law. These 4 subjects, i hope, pray, beg i can get what i deserve. My grades.

I will update my blog when i have pretty pictures lol ! Stay tuned ! (:

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