Monday, May 20, 2013

the beautiful sunset ; beautiful pictures

Hey people, today i back from the super short 2 days 1 night camp with bunch of friends. They are not my colleagues or my committees or whatever ... but my friends. To stress on one point that is ... i wasn't supposed, encouraged to join this camp, due to my serious stomachache. Ohhhh,  my serious stomachache is just a same old same old problem. Okay, i do not want to mention much on my sickness ! Let's look at some pictures taken during the camp !! =]

 My favourite jump shoot ! Shooting this kind of picture is such a tiring job, but it is worth when i flashback.
 *i thought i can touch the sky ;p*
 *my favourite shoot, jump shoot*
 *with my sickness, but i was so enjoy* 
 *too young to bother whether i die young or not, i just want to live my life, now* 
 *sunset with effect, taken by iphone 4 meituxiuxiu effect*
 *another shoot, meituxiuxiu effect in iphone*
 *the yellowish-sun going down down down*
 *i can't describe how much i like seeing sunset*

*the very second time i wear this kind of slipper to beach* #flipper yo !
*my forever best friend - Sengyew, another sunset lover*

Stop here, stay tuned for more =]
Tell me which one u like the most !!! hehehehe take care people !!!

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