Friday, June 7, 2013

What a 20 year old girl wants ?

I can't deny that i'm still a little girl even though my 20 year old is coming so soon. Ermm ... left about 3 months, this year maybe i live too busy to count how many days left to my birthday. This is really over, because last year and few years ago, i was the one keep counting how many days left to my birthday yet this year i totally forgot about this important task. Hey, what you wished when you were 20 year old ? To have a good result ? Bright future ? A boyfriend ? A no budget shopping ? 20 year old is like a point, a check point in our life. It marks there we have pass through this line, and the main character, yourself already done running this 20 years marathon. So ya, what have you done ?

Not to say my life is perfect yet i'm trying my best to make it perfect for me because the word perfect defines different meaning to everyone. Perfect to me is when i got nothing to worry much, i live in happiness more than sadness i think that counts perfect life i want. Here comes June, the month i hate the most i guess i mentioned early in other post. I gonna live in a busy life with my academic, activities, outings and others. Life goes on. 20 year old, i haven't prepare much for it despite i have my blue print for my future, i just hope my future will go as what i have planned. People, this post is just wanna cheer myself up a little. Thank you for listening craps here.

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