Monday, November 25, 2013

Mid Term Exam ; Best Friends' Graduation Day

Dadaaaaa ! Miss me not ? hehehehe! Despite the blogger thing is warning us not to post too many personal pictures online but i don't think i would be the sweet young Malaysian ? ;p Well to all victims, i feel sorry to you guys and i sincerely hope the owner of the blog remove all those pictures sooner. If i were in the list/ blog, i'm sure i would be angry and even take any action to report or revenge the owner. Hope this matter will be solved soon. 

Yesterday was a tiring day to me. First of all, i was having my mid term exam and the paper was financial management. To be honest, i do not have a good sense in mathematic or any number subject. The paper to me was tough enough, i thought if i able to do the revision paper, which was given by the lecturer i would able to at least have a picture how the paper gonna look like in my mind. Shit happens everytime when i need luck. The paper is exactly different from the one lecturer ask us to do as a revision paper. I felt cheated by the lecturer. Really. I felt hopeless towards that paper and also i did not know how to do most of the questions. 

There goes my early morning ... Although shit happens, i do not want it to affect my mood much as i going to my best friend's graduation day in Tar College. Surprisingly, i did not have the super emo face, i only have the so called poker face on my face after half an hour of the exam. Right after my exam, i drove to Tar College for my best friend, Vivian graduation day ! See the pictures below ! The first one is the card i prepare for her, i wrote some touch touch words on it. HEHE !
 The graduation card i prepared.
The graduation bear card is a must for friend's graduation day !
 My lovely girl for life - Vivian Lee. 
 My best friend i knew from tuition since standard four - Zijin
 Bumped into my primary school friend - Chester Philip lol i used to call his chinese name when i was in primary school. Now we all grown up.
 My bff - Vivian & I
 Another shoot <3 all="" best="" dear="" girl="" my="" p="" the="">

BEEEEEP ! Guess what i did after the graduation day... HAHAHAH I went to one of my bff(s) house and he cooked chicken chop for me ..such a happy day. Yesterday was the N times he cooked for me, i was like a little girl just waiting for my food and keep telling him i'm hungry all kind of stuff lol Well, that story between me and my best boy-friend i should keep it to myself. Enjoy the day people. Bless ;)

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