Monday, December 2, 2013

Short Shopping Day @ H&M One Utama

So ya, friends of mine should know i'm really a busy person. I need to manage society activities and also for myself. Let's have a story (short one of course) ! This was my face taken on last tuesday hehehe I went to H&M One Utama with my mother since she wants to get some winter wear for her Taiwan trip. To be honest, i never intent to get anything from that shopping day ... I knew the H&M in One Utama had opened yet i did not have the "feeling" to check it out ... it was because everytime i go to H&M Lot 10 outlet i'm like forever can't pick anything i like! That's why ... 
 My innocent face in the dark hahahahaha

Woots, story starts here! I was so surprise after i went in H&M because it's having a lot of sales in the store ... The girls' favourite buy one free one for selected dress! hehehehe i was so happy! Look what i got from H&M heeeeeee :p Don't ask why i taken in the fitting room hahaha don't you know there is something called fitting room fashion ? I mean for girls ... We do take pictures in the fitting room! hahahaha i don't think only we (girls) are doing this! What about you guys ?
 My number one pick - Black & White Stripe Dress 
Blog reader what do you think ? :)
The full body look 
 The second pick - Simple Black & White Dress 
 The third pick - Simple elegant black dress 
(before i bought this, i did hesitate because this size i found was XS ... I normally wear S size yet i bought it! Gosh! I need to start a diet plan :/ )
Many of my friends been asking me whether or not H&M in One Utama is having sales ... The answer i would give is "i not sure" because i don't really know when the sales will over and also when the buy one free one gonna ends :p It's better you yourself check them out and let me know hahahahaha 

 View more pictures from my instagram @llengleng hehehehehe

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