Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Heirs Fever !

Hello people, i back to my blogger identity with one (hehe) post about korean drama!! Teeehee!! Any one of you guys catching up with The Heirs by Lee Min Ho and Park Sin Hye? *Just curious* The Heirs is actually quite a typicall korean drama, which the rich male main character fall in love with the poor female main character but the only difference is ... the actors and actresses in The Heirs are all with good looking and good skill in acting. I pretty enjoy when i watching the drama lol 

How about you guys ? Any korean drama you guys currently catching up with? hahahaha other than Korean drama, i think my life is fill with America drama - The Vampire Diaries & The Original. I just love how super natural story line plays. So ya, share with me what drama you've been catching up lately !!! I want to know so that i can fill my life with drama :p

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